There Are Three

I have written two books, and a small collection of poems. I am not a scholar, and make no pretense of being one, but I did put months upon months of research into each book and I hope that shows. They are inexpensive, and can be read on Amazon Kindle and Google Play Books.

He Has Conquered

A Revelation Translation and Commentary

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Some books in the Bible can be difficult to read, and many would agree this is most true of the Revelation. With swirling visions of heaven, global unrest, and hideous monsters, it’s easy to feel shut out from the book. The confusion surrounding the Revelation is worsened by dozens of conflicting myths about the 'end times'. After providing a new translation of the Revelation, He Has Conquered leads the reader through the Revelation's themes and symbols. The book closes with a small set of essays on related topics.

216 pages.

Where Is His Coming?

Poems from the Apocalypse

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A small book of poems, inspired by the Revelation.

22 poems.

Jesus and the End of Death

Hope for Universal Reconciliation

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Christians are becoming increasingly skeptical of the traditional belief that God will subject sinners to endless suffering. Many have embraced the view called 'annihilation', that God will simply wipe sinners out of existence. But can we hope for something better than either of these? This book presents the common biblical defenses for the eternal torment and annihilation views, before going on to reevaluate how different parts of the bible have been so severely misinterpreted as having anything to do with 'hell'.

128 pages.