Mark Edward

I am a devout Christian, though many would probably consider me 'unorthodox'.

It may be more helpful to identify myself as a theist who is compelled toward Christianity: I fully trust in the Gospel — the God of Israel raised Jesus of Nazareth from the dead and made him Lord and Messiah — though I do not believe the books of the bible are inerrant, and I find it difficult to accept the traditions and theology of post-apostolic Christianity as authentically representing the sort of things taught or practiced by Jesus and his immediate followers.

The purpose of my blog is to collect, save, and make available my studies of the biblical texts. While individual articles may focus on theology as found in different parts of the Christian bible (and related texts), I do not intend to present or argue for any kind of systematic theology. Instead, my primary interest here is to examine the more mysterious or puzzling parts of the bible and finding credible explanations for their intended meaning.